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Blue Crane Mural -- ICF

Three's a Crowd -- Bali Mynah

Here Comes the Fun -- Corvid Crossing

Jay Jocham has shown his work extensively and his art has been included in the prestigious Birds in Art Exhibition at the Woodson Art Museum, Wausau, WI. Many of Jay’s original paintings have benefited world-wide conservation efforts.

Loose Animals provides award-winning and sustainable graphic design and is committed to environmentally-sensitive design practices. Understanding the power of design is our strength and forming creative partnerships to fulfill our client’s vision is our goal.

Jay Jocham's unique vision enables him to create illustrations that reflect his passion for wildlife while enhancing both fiction and educational narrative. His art has appeared on magazines, billboards and posters and have been instrumental in conserving wildlife around the world.

In 2019, the International Crane Foundation has embarked on a massive expansion. Improvements include a new visitor center and ten updated crane exhibits including six, panoramic background murals. Jay is excited and honored to play a part in this special project. 

Welcome to LooseAnimals Art & Design.

Pictured at top is the Big Roche-a-Cri Creek – one of many, rapidly-disappearing outposts of a wilder Wisconsin. This is home to LooseAnimals Art & Design and the studio of Jay Jocham. Visit our wildlife art gallery and environmentally-friendly graphic design. We work with eco-friendly companies and non-profits to use resources efficiently, and our art, illustration and interpretive design elevates awareness of endangered species and advocates preservation.  

Thanks for visiting. Feel free to contact us at jjocham@looseanimals.com.

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